Online Harmonica Auction / December 2003 Newsletter
The Worlds First Online Harmonica Auction Exclusively For Harp Players!

First off, I want to thank Harp-L for all the help with launching 

This is the first of our monthly newsletter announcing the items we have 
up for bid and news. We've had almost 50 users to sign-up in the past 
week. The sellers are pleased and this is getting big. Thanks for all 
the support and visit us at

!!!Items For Bid!!!

- - hotrodtim has a few of them cloth "Lee Oskar Harp Cases" for $8ea, 
that's more than 1/2 off.

- - hotrodtim has a few XB 40 harmonicas instock. No need in waiting a 
while for an order, he has them in stock and is selling them at a low $69ea

- - mississippi_man has a Pre-War Marine Band Harmonica currently at $21.

- - FLASHMASTER has a Kustom amp currently at $50

- - mississippi_man has a vintage Shure USA CM Element (lo imp) at $10

Thanks for all the support!

We are currently looking for advertisers. For price rates, email 

Vince Cheney

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