Re: Conventions

   Getting performers for conventions is one of the more intersting threads 
for me in some time. I used to be the entertainment writer for a daily 
newspaper and have watched all types of different promotions for shows, conventions, 
festivals etc. The wide range of ideas on   how to do these things are 
apparently still in play... About the only constant I noticed among all these is the 
fact that few make money. . .   One of the reasons I enjoy Buckeye so much is 
because it's small, intimate (no, not that kind of intimate, unless you . . 
.oops, another story) and often finds people I have not heard of. I thought 
Frederick Yonnet was great, as was Wailin' Wood. I didn't know either beforehand.
   Which was my point with Big Al and the Heavyweights... just a fun band I 
know the crowd would love, with either Jason Ricci or Red on harp.   I live 
reasonably near Minneapolis. Clint Hoover is a great harp player who would play 
for a reasonable fee, I bet. Pat Hayes of the Lamont Cranston Band is a superb 
player and would be a possibility. Curtis Blake is the best blues harp player 
in the Twin Cities, won a WC Handy award a few years back.. etc.   I bet every 
larger city has some players like these. 
I guess the main thing is, I always hope to see at least one new player when 
I go to a convention. And if I don't, I'll still go back the following year.
   And the skills of the players who are regulars at these conventions are 
worth way more than the price of the event.
   My 2 bucks worth.

Steve "Moandabluz" Webb
still a fool for the harp

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