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If I recall correctly Sugar Blue was at SPAH, but it's been
a few years. He's a monster as are many of the others mentioned.

Stevie Wonder - Chris M. tried to get Stevie for his Harp Summit
in Minneapolis. According to Chris it took many thousands of
dollars before he would even consider it.

Yes - I watch the lists and your suggestions don't go unnoticed
even though I don't/can't reply to all.

Buckeye Firsts:
  Douglas Tate
  Frederic Yonnet
  Wailin' Wood
  Chris Bauer

Jack Ely
SPAH VP (until you get those ballots in)
& BHF organizer.

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> I always make the same suggestions:  Stevie Wonder, Taj Mahal, Sugar Blue.
> consider Stevie a dead horse for the purposes of this discussion.   And
I'm already
> going to see Taj Mahal on this February's Blues Cruise so I won't worry
about him
> either in this message.
> But what about Sugar Blue?   Wouldn't he be a good draw without being cost
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