Re: Re Conventions

   So I counted up the names on the latest membership roster of SPAH 
and came up with 750 + -
   Seems that there "Used" to be some well know artists on that list 
and they are no longer there.
   Don't know if Morgan WAS ever on the roster.
   I'm "ass"uming that the roster is NOT complete. Are we loosing 
members? Dunno.

   I have had contact with persons from foreign countries who don't 
understand why there is a turnout of 360 at an extravaganza like SPAH.

   While there are 750 + - SPAH members, (AND their better halves who 
are NOT always members). A MULTITUDE of harmonica players aren't 
members either. This is a LOT of people.

   Funny, we have people coming over here all the way from France, 
England, Japan, and yet right here in the good ole U.S. we can't seem 
to raise that bar up any higher. Someone coming from the other side 
of the world (Australia - for example), is apt to spend a bushel of 
YEN to get here.

   THIS lack of attendance is why I suggested "Easing" off on the 
expensive acts. Nothing more, nothing less. If it is felt that 
"established" names ARE necessary as a draw, then I will acquiesce to 
everyone's wishes (Hah, like I mattered or something).

   Time for my shower, .............JoJo dirt

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