Stay back! We don't know how big this thing's gonna get! (The Disc update)

First of all: Please direct your comments / input on "The Disc"
directly to Scorcher [OFFLIST]. Thanks.

New developments:

We've decided to create an HTML "index" on the disk. This will give us
the ability to include a "clickable" index AND to links to your
WEBSITES! We're also welcoming Logo submissions for the disc.

Any suggestions for a NAME for the disc are welcome, but if you choose
to post them ONLINE, please trim all this text out to conserve

In addition to the MP3's We've also decided to include a page of LINKS
on the disc (other than contributors, that is!). We already have an
extensive collection of links (counting all the SPAH, NHL, Harp-L,
etc. links), but will consider any you suggest. You don't have to be a
contributor to suggest links, BUT our "Executive Committee" will
review ALL link submissions for content, so please send only
Harmonica-Related links.

We now have pledges from 3 lists, (Harp Talk, Harp-L, and
Slidemeister), totaling 56 contributors. We'll post an updated list of
the contributors soon. (Winslow has already hinted at something WILD
for his submission, but he's sworn me to secrecy!)

Purchasers still lag behind contributors, at about 50, although some
of you have asked for multiple copies (yay!).

Please watch the Lists for more info about where to mail your song
submissions - we'll set-up a PO box especially for "The Disc" AFTER
THE HOLIDAYS, and we'll accept your contributions then, so if you need
a while to rehearse and record your submission, you have plenty of

That's all for now....
- -Scorcher

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