Re: speaker cab questions

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Personally I prefer an open back cabinet but mostly covered. If your =
using old organ speaker's make
sure that they can handle the power. Most of those are low wattage =
speakers and the punch of a harp
can do a number on them. You may want to use 2 x 12" and instead of 1 x =
8" put 2 of the 8's in there.
You can mount them between the 12's on the top and bottom and with a =
switch go from a 2-12 to a 2-8.
Just make sure that you have them wired to give the same impedance for =
both setup's and make sure=20
that it matches the output tranny. Just my $.02.


  I am building a speaker cabinet to run a 50 watt amp into. Should it =
be open or closed back? I intend on using 2 12's, and one separate 8" =
for quieter situations. Does anyone have experience with Heppner alnico =
speakers (from a Hammond 101 organ)?=20

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