Re: Larry Adler Professional 16 by Hohner

Back in 1961, my mother bought for me a Larry Adler Professional 16, as a 
13th birthday present. . It was my first 4 octave harmonica, I'd been playing 
"270s" prior to that date. I still have that harmonica, although Bill Rommell 
replaced the original wooden comb, which had cracked, with a "see through" 
Plexiglas custom comb for me about 5 or 6 years ago. This rather improved the 
I have never liked the round holes in the mouthpiece, and it has always been 
a leaky harmonica, without much volume. These days I much prefer to use 3 
octave chromatic harmonicas, because they are more air tight and consequentially 
play rather louder.
However, it is nice to have a harp with that extra octave....
I was lucky enough to speak with Larry Adler about the "Larry Adler 
Professional 16" a few years back, and he told me he was "not keen" on the "16" and 
Hohner simply had used his name on the cover plates to promote the instrument!
Best wishes,
John Walden

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