technique-not always either/or

After practicing for months learning to play soft, I tried playing really hard 
ala Cotton. Nice sound. With a tweed Champ and a Green Bullet it gives a dense 
wall of sound. Real nice for hard rock.

Also, after practicing and getting comfortable with tongue blocking, I'm 
finding puckering to be real good for a lot of different styles. Different 
embrochures facilitate different techniques. Sonny Terry and John Popper work 
better puckered. Little Walter and James Cotton riffs are easier tongue 
blocked.Tongue blocking works better for hard rock riffing. I switch to pucker 
when I blow leads.

It's hard for me to get a good tone puckering and blowing hard.For some reason, 
I have to watch my intonation on some of the middle notes when I pucker.

Rainbow Jimmy

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