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>>  > >  > > Hi all;
>>>  >>  > I was wondering if anyone has any Ideas on which
>>>  >>  entertainers to have at the
>>>  >>  > Buckeye or SPAH conventions. It would be fun to
>>>  >>  read your comments.
>>>  >  > > Ý Ý buzz..........
>>  >    Don't spend a lot of money bringing in "Big" names. They aren't
>>>  that good. Lesser players (who are 96.3% as good), should suffice and
>>>  be a lot less expensive. There are a ton of good players out there.
>>>  Maybe not "Stars", but still quite good.
>>  >   smo-joe
>   I know this sounds like I'm opening ANOTHER Pandora's Box issue, 
>but having been to quite a few of these, AND since I am not a *Star* 
>(read-VERY busy), I have had time to notice things. For the first 10 
>yrs or so, I just attended and didn't make any ripples.
>   It is astronomically difficult (from a logistics standpoint) to 
>schedule a show for EITHER Buckeye OR SPAH, because they are 
>relatively big gatherings (avg 360 attendees).
>   There are a lot of DEDICATED players who are willing to give of 
>themselves at either reduced rates, freebies, extended services, 
>taking "Comps" in lieu of a fee, that bringing in people at great 
>expense is just not practical.
>   I also understand that the fest organizers have to come up with 
>people who are a "Draw". Well, since the conventions hardly have 
>more than 360 attending, where's the draw? Why don't more people 
>attend? Is it the "Line-up". Is it the price?. Dunno...
>   I don't believe these fests come away with much of a profit in the 
>first place, and if a performer doesn't want to do it as part of the 
>"Big Picture", that's their business. I can certainly understand 
>that some people are professionals and this stuff is their living. A 
>couple days a year, however, shouldn't cause starvation.
>   Example: Fata Morgana is the first OVERSEAS group in years that I 
>thought was worth while. Others were either Too expensive OR 
>   We have one of the best trios in the world right here in the U.S. 
>What about the "McKelvey Trio"? As far as diversification, I have 
>heard countless times that the "Bluesers" are taking over. This 
>usually from older chromatic players who want to hear MORE chromatic 
>and LESS diatonic.
>   The problem here is that these older chromatic players are coming 
>to the conventions year after year and DON't eventually raise up to 
>the status of "Show Performer". This is not true of the Diatonic 
>players. These guys progress and eventually (after a few yrs) are 
>the people up there entertaining us. Example: Allen R. Holmes
>   The "Ensemble" playing is gradually going OUT, and "Singletons" 
>(Chromatic) are taking their place(s). The problem HERE is that a 
>singleton needs BACKUP. How does one get this elusive backup? You 
>either bring your own OR depend on the Carol Beth crew to help you 
>   Unless you're a "Big Gun" like Rob Paparrozzi (is HE good or 
>what), Mike Turk, Will Galison, you AIN't gonna get this backup. 
>It's not financially feasible.
>   If you're a Diatonic player, you could probably get by with just a guitar.
>   At the Buckeye (2002), I had occasion to witness almost ALL the 
>older audience members walk out on Lee Oskar's show. Upon 
>questioning this behavior, I got; "I can't stay up that late", 
>YEAH-RIGHT. It was disconcerting to say the least. The wife and I 
>(BOTH 61) stayed and enjoyed. I felt bad for Lee. I mean REAL bad.
>   BTW, "Before the Rain" of poison darts, I should admit that I used 
>to play 55% Diatonic & 45% Chromatic. Now it is about switched 
>around. I played an evening show SPAH 2002. 2 Chromatic numbers/2 
>Diatonic. So I am NOT BIASED in any way shape or form.
>   We have a lot of talent out there. We ought to send them an 
>"Invite" and see what they say.
>   Just MY 34 Lire.....smo-joe

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