Great news, everyone.

I recieved a letter from PT Gazell. He is the famous nashville styled 
harmonica player from the 1980's. He is finally releasing his famous LP 
  "Pace Yourself" on CD.

For those of you not familiar with PT, he released a groundbreaking LP 
in the '80s which blended country, bluegrass, blues, jazz and folk 
music into a seamless blend of harmonica and musical artistry. Though 
some might consider him to be a disciple of charlie mccoy, PT has his 
own voice recognizable by his sense of melody, sonic clarity and 
rhythmic perfection.

He also had the advantage of performing as a full time member of the 
Johnny Paycheck band which gave him access to a professional 
environment which honed his craft.

PT was instrumental in my harmonica playing during the release of Pace 
Yourself. I studied his solos and learned a lot about how to fit a 
harmonica into a musical pastiche besides just taking a solo. I owe him 
a debt of gratitude.

I absolutely consider his seminal work of "Pace Yourself" to be a must 
have for any diatonic harmonica player.

On his website,,  there is a link to purchase the cd.

Here is his letter,

peace and pace yourself,

randy singer

- -------------------

Dear Friends,

First of all, let me  apologize for sending out a mass mailing, but I 
thought this was the best method to reach all my friends.

After many years of being away from the music industry I have 
rediscovered the pure joy of playing harmonica. To this end I have been 
playing out with various groups and individuals as well as rehearsing 
for some gigs of my own which will begin in Jan. 2004. In addition I 
have re-released,  P.T. Gazell "Pace Yourself, " for the first time on 
CD. While some of you had no idea I even was a musician, others of you 
often encouraged me to start playing again...THANKS.

I also want to let you know that I now have a web site up and running 
and I would appreciate it if you would take the time to check it out 
and send me some feedback. You'll find it at . It will 
give those of you who have never heard the record, a chance to listen 
to some of it.  It also has information about upcoming gigs... 

Feel free to make suggestions about the web site and suggest links.  I 
can be contacted atPT@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks again and I hope to hear from you,

PT Gazel


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