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Moandabluz wrote:
> In a message dated 11/29/03 6:36:50 AM, buzzo@xxxx writes:
> > Hi all;
> > I was wondering if anyone has any Ideas on which entertainers to 
> > have at the Buckeye or SPAH conventions. It would be fun to read 
> > your comments.
> >     buzz..........
>  I mentioned a couple times to Jack Ely that I thought Big Al and 
> the Heavyweights would be great at Buckeye... I didn't get much in 
> response, so I shut up. 

I pushed hard last year to get Jason Ricci (post Big Al), but to no 
avail.  I was told that budget constraints pushed the entertainment 
toward solo and duo acts rather than whole bands, despite the fact 
that Jason told me that they'd do it for a couple of comp'd hotel 
rooms and make it up by booking into local clubs around the same 
time.  He even offered to make the band available for jams, etc.  

I'd love to see Gary Green, Richard Hunter, Sebastien Charlier, Greg 

- -tim

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