Re: Larry Adler Professional 16 by Hohner

At 09:01 01/12/2003 +0000, you wrote:

>   Does this harmonica carry the great man's name because he designed or 
> helped to design it or did he simply endorse it because he liked it?
>Steve Shaw.

The Larry Adler Pro was, at one time, a better instrument than the 
standard... the 270 version had long life reeds for a time and they were 
long slot reeds.
I don't know if the Long life reeds were put in the 16 hole version.
However.. apart from a fairly short time I believe that the only difference 
between the standard and the LA version was/is the box and the 
coverplates.  Functionally they are identical.

If this instrument is from the 50s or earlier then you have a potentially 
nice instrument on your hands... not valuable but a nice sounding harp!

Douglas t 

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