Larry Adler Professional 16 by Hohner

Someone has just given me one of these huge beasts to take a look at.  He's 
a non-player who inherited it.  It ain't clean (yuk) and has one or two 
buzzing valves but apart from this everything works a treat and it seems 
very responsive.  I can clean it and fix the valves.  It has clearly been 
played a lot as the plating is wearing off the covers.  Has anyone else 
got/had one of these and can tell me anything about it?  I'm not much of a 
chromatic man and the only ones I'm familiar with are the 270s.  It doesn't 
seem to resemble these closely.  Does this harmonica carry the great man's 
name because he designed or helped to design it or did he simply endorse it 
because he liked it?


Steve Shaw.

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