Re: Super 64

On Mon, 1 May 1995, Galambos wrote:

> 	I'm an intermediate player and I am planning on buying a second
> chromatic (The one I have now is a Chromonica 260 and no longer sufficient).
> I have narrowed down my choice to either a Super 64 or a CX-12. Does anyone
> have any advice here? 

I have both and can offer some thoughts as I've spent lots of time on 
each. The CX-12 sounds brighter and has smoother response reed-to-reed.  
It's tone is full and easy to control.  It's comfortable, too,  the 
mouthpiece is deeper and airtight--it's just a fine instrument.

One of the things I like best about it is the control of the tone that's 
possible--it's very sensitive and responsive.  This is clearly superior 
technology to the older style harps.

However,  having said that,  the Super-64 is a fine instrument too.  It's 
voiced a little mellower,  and you may prefer that.  They may have done 
that to help blend the low octive in with the others for more even sound 
throughout the range of the instrument.  It's much heavier than the CX 
and all the long instruments are harder to hold.  It will not play as 
strong or as loud as the CX and subtle changes in tone require more work.

I'm torn between them becuase I love the physical construction of the 
Super 64,  with its stainless covers, etc.  The plastic of the CX seems 
cheap (it's not,  of course) by comparison.  I wish Hohner would consider 
a metal body for it.  Oh,  that's the other thing:  the CX is quick to 
take apart for cleaning,  tuning, and adjustment.  There are no screws to 
take out.  If you

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