RE: Hiding in back

Tom and HarpPro,
	First, thanks to Tom for his input on not hiding on stage, moving about
and generally having a good time while performing.  I think he gives good sound
advice on the whole subject.  
	Second, I did not intend (intentionally or otherwise!) to flame HarpPro,
sorry if it came out that way.  I merely was trying to tell him to loosen up abi(make that a bit), relax and have a good time while performing.  I'm certainly
no pro, as anyone who has me play or sing can tell you in spades, but I'm
pretty sure that most pros are not too self-conscious and hopefully do enjoy
the times when they perform.  If they were really miserable or painfully shy,
they probably ought to take up library science. (no I'm not flaming librarians,
some of my friends are librarians!)

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