Re: Harp in Church


>From: HAAndruss@xxxxxxx (Harvey Andruss)
>Subject: Re: Harp in Church

>Our friends on the west coast may be more familiar with another whole level
>of this theme -- but there is a church of ~John Coltrane~  maybe in the bay
>area where the pastor wails on an alto sax between hallelujahs and the
>congregation all have their saxes and they answer him in some kind of free
>form jazz spiritual experience. Wonder where he became ordained ?


Been there, Harv -- it's a trip.  If you're ever in SF, it's on 
Divisidero near Fell or Oak.  Classic storefront church with 
services Sunday, as well as Wednesday night as I recall.  It's 
serious, but appropriately doesn't take itself too "seriously" -- 
friendly, accessible place for drop-ins.  Don't know where the 
minister got ordained, but he's for real.  I believe he 
occasionally sits in on drums (not sure he plays sax, although 
there's no shortage of young tenor players in the congregation).  


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