RE: Hiding in back

On Mon, 1 May 1995 wlgrogan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> 	Listen, I guy with a moniker like HarpPro just has to stand in the 
> front of the band and show off at least as much as the lead singer.  In other
> words, DON'T just stand there like a manikin, put some soul into it (at least
> close your eyes and at least pretend to concentrate on your playing), shuffle
> your feets once in a while, jump up and down when you hit a high note, do    
> anything as long as you are doing it with enthusiasm.  I think you may be
> surprised to find that there is a real ham lurking inside that staid manikin
> that is dying to get out.  Who knows?  You may even find that the other band
> members and your audiences like it too.  H
> 	Have some fun.
> Bill (I HAVE to close my eyes when I play so I CAN concentrate on what I'm
> 	playing)

I move around a good deal on stage, but I think it's a bad idea to try to
perform.  Just let yourself go and that's a performance in itself.  I'd
just do what feels right.  THe music, not the performance, is what
matters.  I just close my eyes, and play (the only way I know I'm movin'
is from watching videos.  Anyways, besides, in my band our base player
goes so wild and makes such a fool of himself, that I'm really in no
danger of looking stupid.  :-)


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