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Hi Jim,

Thanks for the private note.  Since it is probably of general interest,  I'm
taking your sugestion and abstracting some of it, and my responses, to
>. . . Golden Melodies . . . "stiff" reeds when new. . .

Hard to remember. I haven't bought a new harp in 1-1/2 years.

>. . .I usually play Golden Melodies . . .

ditto, because they tend to overblow better, and I like the feel in the hand.

>. . . Lee Oskars are much easier to play "right out of the box". . . . It
>wasn't obvious to me that there was much difference in shape
>between the LO and Hohner reeds.

Lee Oskar reeds seem "lightweight" to me -- less taught spring
action and less weight.  I'm GUESSING the alloy is a bit harder and a bit more
brittle.  Kitt Gambel told me the reeds are shorter and wider than Hohner
reeds (Kitt was with LO), but I never used a micrometer on them myself.
I have two problems with Lee Oskars:  They tend to squeal when I try to
overblow them.  The reeds crack too easily.

>. . . the Huang's - these play easily out of the box, but
the reeds take a little "babying" - too much air pressure can be a problem.

Another case of lightweight reeds?  It's a matter of taste, but I like my harps
to fight back a little more. I have a Huang that G that I tuned to low D that
has been lots of fun, but I generally avoid them.

>Thanks also for correcting the alcohol post before I had even read my
>mail... there seems to be a lot of scientific "misinformation" out there - I
>try not to add any, although I'm sure I have.  (sigh)  I just hope I don't 
>do it in "print"!!

>J. Hanson

Yeah, I guess it was good to set the record straight about alcohol, but I wish
I'd been a little less snappish about it (Sorry John S.!).  What is it about 
this electronic medium which inclines ordinary folk to indulge in flame-

	-John Thaden

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