Re: Premier Purchase

>Since it does not have reverb, I was wondering if anybody could recomend an
INexpensive delay pedal or reverb unit.<
I have had great luck using an Ibanez Sound Tank digital delay unit.  It is
encased in a hard plastic case instead of metal and this (so says Ibanez)
keeps the price dowm.  I think I payed about $55 about 3 years ago.  It has
never given me a lick of trouble over those three years, playing an average
of 2 nites a week.  However, I don't keep it on the floor, asnd don't turn it
on and off that often.  It has a nice clean natural delay sound and  the
controls are responsive and simple.  I use it through amps that have no
reverb and also on my Fender that does.  With the fender I just keep the
reverb at about 1.5 to 3 depending on the sound qualities of the room I'm

Hope this helps.
Mike Smith

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