Re: HARP-L Digest V95 #91

Thomas Hinkle wrote:

>I'm but a poor unemployed harp player, so it bugs me when I try to
>experiment a little with the harps I buy and get screwed.  Anyways, as of
>now, I am dedicated to special 20's, of the harps of tried (Blues Harp,
>Silvertones(huangs), Lee Oskars, Special 20's) this is by far the best. 
>In addition, I love me old pocket pal, which is going flat, so much, that
>I bought a new pocket pal.  I feel kind of funny using a harmonica that
>says "pocket pal" on it for serious music, but hey, what can you do? 
>Anyways, it got me mad when I decided to save money and got stuck with
>these huangs until I save up some more money.  When do you discuss tone,
>how do you define it.  What are good harps in this area, I know this is
>highly subjective.  Somebody was talking about meisterwhatever as a good
>harp, but if I recall, they're pretty expensive.  I wonder why they even
>make thos huangs, it really sounds crappy to my ear.  Anyways, I'm just
>curious as to what has a decent sound.  Also, what chromatics have a good
>(special 20 like, as I define it) sound.  I'm hoping to buy one and start
>to teach myself to play as soon as I can find some money, but I don't want
>to end up with junk.  Thanks for any info.  Also if anyone knows anything
>about what it is that makes the sound of each harp so distinctive, I'd
>like to know.  It doesn't seem like there should be that much room for

Hi Tom,

I own all of the harps that you mentioned except for the Hohner Meisterklasse,
which is grossly overpriced (IMHO ;)). The Pocket Pal is a perfectly accept-
able harp, as far as I can tell--I like mine. I was surprised to read that you
don't care for the Huang. I carry a Silvertone with me wherever I go. Granted,
it does sound a bit "dirtier" than most, but I think it is an excellent harp
to learn on, since the reeds seem to be "softer" and easier to bend than
my Hohner harps.

As far as finding a chromatic that has the same tone as a Special 20, well,
I think that would be a personal kind of choice. I own two chromatics, a
Hohner Super 64 and a Hering 501/48. Both sound fine, but the Hering cost
about half the '64 (of course, the Hering only has 12 holes, the Hohner has

Good luck finding the harp of your dreams! ;) 


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