Re: cleaning harps

John Santana responded to the following. . .
> . . . But I used it very cautiously, primarily as a "disinfectant" instead
> of a cleaner!  
with . . .
>This is a common misconception.  Alcohol does not kill germs! . . . Alcohol
> will not disinfect anything! 

Wrong.  A 70% solution of either ethanol or isopropanol is an excellent dis-
infectant, probably the most common one used in microbiology and cell biology
laboratori to disinfect benchtops, the metal surfaces of laminar flow hoods,
etc.  The alcohols are less effective at full strength.  It works against bac-
teria, molds, and yeasts.

	-John Thaden, Ph.D.
	 Instructor, Department of Medicine
	 University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

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