The orher day I mentioned a book by Helmholtz , 'On the sensation of Tone'
Harvey A has kindly posted a price for this and some other interesting sounding

A word of warning ... I did say that the book was almost as old as me (pub 1885)
It is well worth a look at in a library, but unless you are an avid book
want to know the math and are prepared to sweat a bit, are searching for your
don't fork out the readies.  I should have mentioned this before..  Same goes
for the Rayleigh
books.  A more modern book will have observation based on electronic
observational means
whereas these guys observed and then worked from first principles to get
remarkably similar.

There is a book EVERY harp player should get.  It was published in the 30's but
I have seen copies 
of it around recently.  Called 'The Specialist', story about a real craftsman,
his pride in his
job, his solution to everyday problems which you will know all about. I can't
remember the author
but it is one of the finest pieces of American literature I can remember
reading.  The sort of book
you can dip into in a 32 bar break and revitalise yourself.

If anyone knows this book please let me know your opinion about its relevence to
harp playing.

Douglas T

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