RE: Hiding in back

	Listen, I guy with a moniker like HarpPro just has to stand in the 
front of the band and show off at least as much as the lead singer.  In other
words, DON'T just stand there like a manikin, put some soul into it (at least
close your eyes and at least pretend to concentrate on your playing), shuffle
your feets once in a while, jump up and down when you hit a high note, do    
anything as long as you are doing it with enthusiasm.  I think you may be
surprised to find that there is a real ham lurking inside that staid manikin
that is dying to get out.  Who knows?  You may even find that the other band
members and your audiences like it too.  H
	Have some fun.
Bill (I HAVE to close my eyes when I play so I CAN concentrate on what I'm

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