Physics of sound and music psychology books

PAIA  Electronics of Edmunton, OK (USA) has the following books available
(prices rounded up to nearest dollar):

"Sensation of Tone", Herman Helmholz -- $15
"Psychology of Music",  Carl Seashore -- $9
"Music, Sound and Sensation", Fritz Winke -- $7
"Music, Physics and Engineering", Harry Olson -- $10

Their tel no. is (405) 340-6300. Shipping about $4.

The first two are about an inch thick, the last two about 1/2" thick per
the sales contact (didn't know pages, didn't ask about table of contents ,

FWIW, they also do analog midi, stompbox kits, tube preamp kits, reverb
kits, parametric eq, home studio accessories, etc.  Associated with Craig
Anderton, author of music electronics books and articles. This is not an
endorsement since I have not received any of these (yet), but their prices
sure seem reasonable. A free catalog is for the asking.

Harv <HAAndruss@xxxxxxx> -- opinions mine

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