Big River Medley?

Help!  Someone wants me to play "Medley from Big River" by Roger
Miller.  Anyone ever play it or hear it?  

The part doesn't say what kind of harmonica(s) to use.  The range
is from A below the staff to G on the space above the staff.  I 
wonder if it's supposed to sound an octave higher.  A lot of the
part just gives chord symbols and calls for rhythm, comp., fills,
etc..  It goes through the keys of Bb, F, C, G, D, A, E and B.
The rhythm parts would be more fun on diatonics but the rest 
looks better for chromatic.  

The opening measures in the key of C consist of the simultaneous 
sounding of E and B.  I guess I could play them on a D diatonic 
(which I don't much like) and keep it for the A major section 
which follows.  Maybe I'll just play the whole thing on
chromatic, forget about the opening 5ths, play linear rhythm and
play it up an octave if it sounds better.  As Walt Lawson used to
say, "play it the way the composer would have wanted it if he had
known what he wanted."

Sorry for this non-blues question, but any suggestions would be
greatly appreciated.

Charles Deering  cdeering@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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