Re: Harp-l digest, edited

>It is also usually true that it is more appropriate to send 
>an answer direct to the poster, rather than the whole list.  

Whoah.  Then it's not a list.  Cut 'em down to size, for sure,  
but keep 'em coming to the list!

>If your post is personal, SEND IT DIRECT TO THAT PERSON.


>If you do not like what I have said, REPLY TO ME PERSONALLY.
>I do not want the list cluttered with useless garbage.

But you're suggesting things that have bearing on the list, 
therefore it's a legitimate on-list issue and responses should 
be to the list.  I absolutely agree with the need for posting 
efficiency -- and you've stated the case well -- but I believe 
that this list is not just about harmonica. It also is 
necessarily about the list itself. That is, sometimes it's 
important to discuss how we run the list.

- Michael.

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