Harp-l digest, edited

I suppose that we could cut down on a lot of traffic which is not necesary,
and at the same time stop driving people away (I see a lot of unsubscribes,
plus I no longer see people who were contributors several months back) if
posters would use a little care in deciding how to respond to messages.  It
is almost never necessary to requote an entire post when answering to it. It
is also usually true that it is more appropriate to send an answer direct to
the poster, rather than the whole list.  It seems totally unnecesary to get
a message with a header which almost totally quotes another post, and then to
see at the end of the post something like "me too" or "I agree".  This is a
complete waste of time and bandwidth.

In my case, my employer pays for my access, but I do get tired of going thru
a lot of posts which have a subject line that has nothing to do with the post.
This happens many times in threads that start with one subject, and then split
into several areas.  I can really imagine how annoying this is to people who
have to pay for access.  I know many people personally who have quit the list
because they are tired of reading the same post for the 25th time because it
has been quoted 24 times.


For those of you who do not recognize yourselves in the above letter, flame
away at this note all you want.  I'll unsubscribe to keep from getting the
flames.  This list does carry a lot of useful information, but a very large
percentage is repetitive or not useful to anyone (personal items).

If anyone is offended by the above, stop and think.  Are you offended because
you are indirectly mentioned in this post, or because you disagree with what
I have said.  If you do not like what I have said, REPLY TO ME PERSONALLY.
I do not want the list cluttered with useless garbage.  For those of you
who do not know how to reply but want to without cluttering the list, my
email is     mlyons@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Remember, extraneous garbage just drives people away from the list, some of
who have been great contributors.  For example, anyone hear from Buzz lately?

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