Edited Harp-L digest (was "You got to help me")


<I have to pay CI$ L70- per month just for Harp-L>

That's over US$100 per month!

I'd like to start a discussion about an edited Harp-L digest that may help
folks like Norman/David and Steve Jennings, who must wade through (and PAY
FOR!) a lot to get a little.

Maybe a group of us could put together an edited digest version of Harp-L. A
lot of posts contain duplicated text that is either totally or minimally
necessary, and this could be snipped out or condensed.  Also, a lot of
things are duplicates of archived material, and perhaps a reference to the
archive could be included rather than an entirely new quote.  Maybe just the
"best" (in the groups opinion - when you volunteer to do work, you get
certain privileges :-) articles could be included in the edited digest?

Is this censorship?  I suppose that's one very politically correct yet
narrowminded way to view it.  But it's something I'm sure the subscribers
would happily put up with as a viable alternative to no Harp-L. Besides, if
any poster has a problem, they can simply grab the mailing list and send
personal mail.

Perhaps a brief online discussion would be in order, and once we find a
decent sized group who are interested, we could take it off line for

 -- mike

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