Norman's still on the 'Net

 There was a recent message from David at Norman's Harmonica Centre, and it
 sounds like Norman is re-evaluating the cost of subscribing to Harp-L.  I
 guess it's more a case of dollars and cents, or pounds and shillings, to a
 business like that.  They have access to probably the largest group of harp
 players possible at once.  Yet they cannot advertise directly.  I, for one,
 hope that they do not pull out of the forum we enjoy together.
 I am not connected with Norman's in any way, and don't gain from giving them
 a plug.  I haven't even ordered anything from them myself.  But I have
 benefited from many of the posts that David has made (he apparently teaches
 harmonica) in the past, and some of the contributions to various threads
 have been excellent.  More importantly, I have followed (and participated
 in) the recent auction that they hosted as a benefit for poor younsters so
 that they could learn harmonica.  I don't know if too many of us have
 bothered to say "BRAVO" publicly to David and Norman for that effort.
 At any rate, I encourage all Harp-L folks to at least ask them (by private
 message, direct to 100552.2636@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) to send you their interesting
 catalogues of harps and CDs and training tapes, etc.  I'd like to see them
 stay on the 'net.  Let's support them where we can!
                 ...john wick

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John wrote
>I would like to know what the best Harp magazine is. If there are any 
>devoted to the Harp? Could you please give me the name and Number of the 
>Magizines! Thanks.

There are a few around.
They are each different and aim to cover different areas of harmonica

SPAH's newsletter is called HARMONICA HAPPENINGS (HH) and is directed
primarily at that.  Harmonica Happenings.  What is going on?  Where?  When?
 Who?  etc.  In addition there are some articles on playing techniques and
styles, but not nearly as much on those topics as you will find in AHN
(American Harmonica Newsletter) and HIP (Harmonica Information Press).
 HARMONICA WORLD (HW) is published overseas and contains a lot of information
about happenings in UK and Europe.  HARMONICA EDUCTOR (HE) contains a lot of
information for harmonica teachers.

I would sum up the publications as follows:

HH - cover's events coming up and past
AHN  - lot's of interviews, leans toward diatonic
HIP - lot's of how to improve
HW - UK and Europe happenings.
HE - Harmonica Education

In addition there is the EASY REEDING (ER) newsletter published by Hohner.
 Of course it focuses on Hohner related products, awards, endorsees, etc.
 There's nothing wrong with that.  That's there business.

Also there are many local club newsletters.

If I have forgotten any or not described any of the publications as the
publishers would prefer I appologize.  For details on any of these
publications contact:

HH - Bob Williams at SPAH,  HarpSPAH@xxxxxxx
AHN - Phil Lloyd,   Philharpn
HIP - Winslow Yerxa,  76450,3230@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
HW - Steve Jennings - 100010.1152@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
HE - Richard Martin - Ri58066217
ER - not online

HARMONICA HAPPENINGS is published quarterly in 8.5" x 11" format and usually
contains 16-24 pages.  It is available by joining SPAH (The Society for the
Preservation and advancement of the Harmonica).  First year's membership is
$30.  $25 per year after that.  

Thank You,
Bob Williams
The Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica.
Now in our 32nd year.
  ____ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ____
 |\____ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _____\    
  \|____|_]_]_]_]_]_]_]_]_]_]__ _|   HarpSPAH@xxxxxxx

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