tub e, or not tub e, that is the question .....

As an aspiring player, I've convinced myself that I would practice more if I 
could annoy more of my neighbours by using some amplification.  I have 
revamped an old(ish) amp, (a Truvoice Treble-n-Bass Fifty) which cost me the 
best price in the world, absolutely nothing.  It uses a now de-cobwebbed and 
highly polished Brimah GZ34 and a couple of Mullard EL34's, has 15 Ohm and 
7.5 Ohm output sockets and has two "Normal" and two "Bass" inputs;  it 
doesn't have any speakers, but still weighs enough to be used for 
bodybuilding.  Can any harpophiles :

1. tell me whether this amp is suitable for harp ?
2. recommend some suitable speaker sizes/types ?
3. ditto for microphones ?

I'm also midway through renovating a Hiwatt Custom Built PA200, but it is 
what the politically correct might call "valvularly challenged", requiring 
some decent KT88s, which I believe were a favourite of a Mr J Hendrix. 
 Anyone have any info on this ?

Sorry to use so much bandwidth on this topic, but there isn't an amp-l is 
there ?

Pat Gale : p.gale@xxxxxxxxx  

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