Blues in the Frozen North (of England)

I'm relatively new to this BB, and still sifting through all the archive 
material, but it does strike me that there's a lack of information re 
forthcoming gigs on this little island, and we ought to put that right, so 
if you know of anything let us all know ....

On that note (naturally) I'd like to suggest that if any of you get the 
chance to see a band called "Down At Antons", featuring Ken Pearce on harp, 
make sure you take it.

I was fortunate enough to catch most of their set at The Lockwood, 
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, last night, and they were excellent - a really 
tight sound, purporting to be Texas blues, but covering a wider range than 
that.  I spoke to Ken - who is very approachable -  afterwards, and he 
claimed that he prefers to keep it simple and aim for a good tone;  he is 
being way too modest !

I know they're playing Barnsley Blooze Club later in the month, but I'm sure 
Ken could let us all have the schedule via Harp-L, as could other bands 
playing in this area.

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