Re: Makes, Mics and more Mikes

I have only been subscribed to this list for the last few days and I can'y
get over how many Mikes there seem to be on the list (has this been
mentioned before?).  I have also just noticed that many other new
subscribers have introduced themselves.  How rude of me!

My Name is Michael Ballard (aka Mikey B) I have been playing for about 1
year and I am studying Computing at Leeds University in UK.    Are there any
other British Harp players on this list?  I have a couple of Lee Oskars (A
and D) which have been a great improvement since the Marine Bands started
ripping the skin off my lips.  Also the holes seem alot  bigger on the LOs
and the dividers are thinner which seems to increse my speed.  

I also have a Honer Pro Harp MS in G minor and due to my noviceness I
haven't a clue about what I should be playing with it.  I know what the
notes are (I am reasonably familiar with music theory) but if anyone has
suggestions about tracks I can play along to to develop my skills I would be
grateful.  Are there any special techniques to playing the Honer Pro Harps
as I am finding my C harp very constrictive compaired to the LOs. Bending is
pretty tough and in consistant where as with the LOs I can happly bend draw
reeds 1,2,3,4,6 and almost one of the upper reeds (I forget which).  What's
going wrong?

I recently asked a question about Richard Newell aka King Biscuit Boy and I
thank you for your help.  I particular Gary "Indiana" Warren and Rkt who
both pointed me to Gophering the archives.  I can't get my Gopher to work
(minimum wage and all that) I have received the E-mail archives for
June. could someone possibly help me out and spoon feed a reference to me I
have about zero search facilities available to me.  Also someone mentioned
the King Biscuit Times homepage does anyone have the URL for it?

Also are there any Harmonica pickups for amplifiers available on the market?

Many thanks in advance for yours help.

Mikey B


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