A while back, there was some on-list discussion and questions 
about Russian-built SOVTEK amps.  I wrote to a drummer friend in 
Moscow with a request for any more information on them, and have 
just received the following response, FYI. 

Interestingly, I went to engineering school at Cornell with the 
referenced guy who apparently introduced SOVTEK amps to the West. 
As founder of Electro-Harmonix in the '60s (as well as a gonzo
B-3 player), he also unleashed upon the world the original, 
pre-Pignose "Freedom Amp," as well as the Big Muff PI, an early, 
uh, distortion device.  Just another EE gone bad -- through 
music. :)  B*


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Hi Bruce --

Finally got in touch with the guy who promised me the information on amps.
He gave me an article published in Russian "IN-OUT" magazine (No. 7-8
(1-2 ' 94) ) titled " "Returned" SOVTEK."

Well, here is some eesential information I found out in the article:

SOVTEK amplifiers made theirselves to the West due to Mike Matthews (sp?)
who ran a company named "Electro-Harmonix". He bought SOVTEK amps in Russia
and introduced them to Western musicians.

MIG-100 "was born" in St.Petersburg in 1991, while MIG-50 - in Saratov.
In 1992 both made a successful debut at NAMM (January 92 California) and
Music Messe (March 92, Frankfurt, Germany,) shows.  "Sound+Price=Love" formula
worked perfect, and the amplifiers deserved recognition. Many musicians,
including Eric Clapton, preferred cheap, compact, easy to operate SOVTEK
amplifiers with cool sound. Recently, SOVTEK amplifiers are also used by
AC/DC, Kiss, Rod Stewart's guitarist, and Carlos Santana.

Today, SOVTEK builds new guitar amplifiers with equipped by US speakers.
SOVTEK hopes to start serial production soon.

SOVTEK provides full post-sale service including supply of spare parts on
buyer's request. Also, duiring warranty period, it can replace
malfunctioning amplifier. Moreover, potential buyer can lease SOVTEK amps.

For further information please contact :

                Irina Bityukova
                Director General
                Voice: 7-812-542-2156
                Fax:   7-812-542-0783

Hope you found this information useful.


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