Re: King Biscuit Boy

<snip>... a guy called
>Richard Newell aka King Biscuit Boy. <snip>
>Can anyone help with Title name, label, or merely general info on what he is
>up to?  Thanks,  Mike.
I can help a little.  There is a review of his new CD in the July/Aug Blues
Review magazine.  Latest CD is Urban Blues Re: Newell, on Blue Wave
#BWCD124.  The review also mentions other recordings: 1 )Official Music,
2)Gooduns and 3) Mouth of Steel.  (Labels unknown)  Also, try linking to the
King Biscuit Times homepage.  I think there is a sound file of him that you
can download, but I'm not positive that it is the same guy.

Gary "Indiana" Warren

"I take my woman on the beach, fellas, and set down in the sand and play."
                               Muddy Waters  "Deep Down In Florida"

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