Last night, HBO ran the film The Hudsucker Proxy.  In it the character
played by Jennifer Jason Leigh invites Tim Robbins character to go with
her sometime to an obscure little [juice] bar frequented by hippies and
other unconventional types of people.  That's where they end up happily
together at the end of the movie.  If anyone has seen the film, you may
have noticed the sign of the establishment hanging outside.  It's subtle
to most, but after the list's discussions of late, it seemed an obvious
play on words and numbers to me.  It had a giant treble clef on it over
which was written "Ann's" and in larger, brighter form the number 440.
Ann's gives you a' and the address number of 440 gives you a'=440, with
the clef to make the point of the meaning.  Crafty, huh?

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