Re: Gary Primich

>I saw Gary Primich live for the first time today.  What a nice fellow,
>especially after having to put up with "Hi my name is H**v, can I have
>your autograph.  I'm your biggest fan....and do you know Cathi Norton?" all

I think I heard someone utter something close to the first and last
phrases, but the middle two are a bit of a mystery (no John Hancock)  ;-)))
Wish I could have stayed longer and saw the dueling harps. It was a treat
to see him in a day time setting (super weather).  This Friday too ?  That
chrome 'blasterJT-XX looked like some sort of sceptre.  Very cool. And if
that was Shorty, he was also....a very together band.

-- Harv <HAAndruss@xxxxxxx>

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