strange mix

	I got a chance to blow harp this weekend with fellow harp-ler 
Spider Bill Schaumburg.  We both got the opportunity to sit in with 
returning local folk blues hero Hawkeye Herman from Davenport, Iowa.  In 
addition to folk blues, Hawkeye Herman throws in some rock from about 
every decade, so a typical set from him will include Bukka White, Robert 
Johnson and then something from last week's MTV, 50s R&B, and a C/W 
ballad.  Keeps a harp player on his toes.  Spider was no slouch and blew 
magnificent harp not matter what direction Hawkeye tried to twist 
things.  Spider was a real crowd pleaser, leaping into the audience with 
harp and bullet in hand.  They dug him and he did a nice job.  We talked 
some serious harp talk, too.  Fun to connect with folks.  

	Steve Price

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