Re: Some questions

> 	1) Is it possible to play jazz on a diatonic harmonica? If so, 
> where can I get some recordings, and how do I learn to do it myself?

Sure.  A lot of basic jazz can be done with standard bends.  For the more
challenging stuff, techniques such as overblowing or windsavers (plastic
flaps that seal off the bendable reed in each hole, allowing bending of the
high reed in each hole) will allow you full chromaticity.

Howard Levy does a lot of nice jazz using overblows.

I prefer windsavers.

Which is easier?  Both require a lot of practice.  Windsavers make bending a
lot more challenging.  The "other" reed is no longer a controlling factor in
bending.  Some reeds can be bent 3 WHOLE tones (6 semitones!)  I personally
like the sound of windsaver bends more than overblows.

 -- mike

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