Re: Gary Primich

On Sun, 9 Jul 1995, Christian N Michalek wrote:

> I saw Gary Primich live for the first time today.
> Fabulous band and great harp work.

I totally agree.  When I saw him, he did three sets, and the house was 
still packed at the end of the third.  On that night, too, he invited a 
local blues singer to come up and do a number of his own choosing, while
Gary and the band gave nice backup.  He does come across as a very gentle
soul and is quite accessible, friendly and easy to talk to.

It's been awhile, but I seem to remember he played at least one piece on 
the chromatic.  He played cupped with the mic, amplified with the mic on
the stand, and acoustically, wandering among the audience.  How nice you 
got to play with him, Chris.

Is the guitarist Shorty Lenoir still with him?  I really enjoyed hearing
him play.  He and Gary click real well.

BTW, "h**v", I got his autograph, too!  ;-)

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