Gary Primich

I saw Gary Primich live for the first time today.  What a nice fellow, 
especially after having to put up with "Hi my name is H**v, can I have 
your autograph.  I'm your biggest fan....and do you know Cathi Norton?" all 

Fabulous band and great harp work.  Gary and the band played two sets 
playing mostly songs from his Travelin' Mood CD.  Gary is a great 
tradtional stylist mixing blues with jazz fluently, he even played two 
numbers on the Chromatic  Yesterdays and Caravan.

During the second set Gary invited me up to play.  It certainly was a 
treat to jam along on the Poodle Bites and Sail On.  It's always a joy to 
play with such a tight band.

Afterwards Gary and I chatted a bit about harmonica related stuff.
He plays through a bassman dry with no effects and switches off mics 
between an old JT-30 he bought new in 1976 and a JT-40(?) he got from Tom 
Ellis. This afternoon, he was also sporting a full set of Filisko 
modified harps.  
When I asked him about advice he'd give to youngsters, he said...
"listen to the originals, Little Water, Big Walter and the sonny boys.  
They play the real blues.  Also keep an eye and open ear on Clarke, 
Wilson, Piazza."

-Chris Michalek

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