HIP No. 5

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Someone asked about when HIP No. 5 is coming out.

Looks like August. I've had one thing after another slow me down,
not the least being deadlines for projects I couldn't turn down,
both because of the money and because I felt they were great
opportunities. One was doing the John Popper "Four" harmonica
transcriptions, the other doing a short book for Music Sales, the
title and subject of which I'll reveal later, closer to the
book's release.

HIP No. 5 will feature a long interview with Peter "Madcat" Ruth,
an investigation of Sonny Terry-style whooping, a treatise on
bass harmonica (from a blues-like perspective), and other good
stuff. It's also the first HIP to contain writing by people other
than myself (more about that later).

I appreciate everyone's patience and forbearance in waiting for
this particular crystal to grow to fruition.

Winslow Yerxa
Harmonica Information Press

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