Perfect Pitch


You are quite right, perfect pitch is not a disease.  However, the word
impediment strikes terror ,... If any man knows of any just impediment  ..  (or
some such) reminds one all too horribly of wedding days. Thank the good Lord
that the 20 years which have followed mine have been as good as anyone can
rightly hope for!

Going back, and having read Bobbies interesting post around the subject, I am
not sure that we are all saying the same thing. I have heard a good musician,
not one of the ones I have tested, who claimed to have perfect pitch say that he
found playing with a group not at 'his' pitch entailed the equivalent of
transposing everything mentally when he sang!   I wonder whether the mechanism
is something related to tinnitus.  (That is a shot in the dark, not based on
knowledge, an idle thought)

We have a 'Perfect Pitch' in the UK, he is called Harry.  Wonderful player is
Harry Pitch and one of the nice guys. He spent about twenty years persuading me
to not go into music full time as it was precarious.  Fine way of cornering the
market and making a lot of money from having all the jobs to yourself 8>))


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