Re Chromatics and Detroit 95

Yes, Douglas Tate, we chromatic player are here.  As many of us as possible
attach ourselves together, form clubs and try to make big band sounds.
 'Taint always easy.  Trying to flush out like-minded chromatic players takes
lots of searching, but once we get established, we join groups like the
National Harmonica League, International Harmonica Organization and SPAH.
 Thanks to big-hearted hard working guys like Norm Dobson, I've joined all
three.  I am eagerly looking forward to the SPAH convention with both Larry
and Jerry Adler being present as well as famous players of both diatonic and
chromatic instruments.  If the British Isles weren't $o Far Away (in US
dollars), I'd certainly be shaking your hand along with lots of other Brits
at your gatherings.
  If you are in Detroit for the SPAH bash,  I'll certainly be begging your
autograph (and maybe sharing a few notes in the lobby.  I'm always happy to
"oomp" along on my bass).
 Harmonica players in Northern Virginia have two clubs they can tap into:
Valley Harpers and Capitol Harmonica Club.  Most of the club members play
chromatics, and some of us more adventurous ones have learned accompaniment
instruments to round out the sounds.  It keeps us from having to learn second
and third position and having to bend notes.

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