Re: Poppersnapper

>I am curious if any one knows if Popper Puckers or tongue blocks or 
>Possibly both when he plays the harp. If anyone can tell me please write 
>me and give me the answer thanx!
>truly yours
>p.s. Is it possible to get bt tab?
Poppers a blocker (probably was on the football team as well) to the best of
my knowledge.  He may pucker sometimes but I'm sure he's primarily a tongue
blocker.  Check into the Number 2 issue of Harmonica Information Publication
(HIP) for a good interview.  Winslow, the publisher, is on Harp-L and is
easy to find.

Also, Winslow is working on a breakdown book of Popper's material (correct
me if I'm wrong) and is very likely using a Slo-Mo to be able to hear all of
the notes.

I'm more interested in what the setup of his rig is,  What are all of those
buttons connected to??

Gary "Indiana" Warren

"I take my woman on the beach, fellas, and set down in the sand and play."
                               Muddy Waters  "Deep Down In Florida"

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