Re: More on mics

HARMONICA JOHN	San Diego  PO Box 740613 SD CA 92174 (619)263-6826

God, family, music, fishing, work.	 Can blue men play the whites?

On Sat, 8 Jul 1995 RBGravy@xxxxxxx wrote:

>  Anyone have the address or phone number of 'Realtube?'  I would be way
> psyched for help on this one.
> Rich Brown Gravy

	I believe you are looking for Tubeworks- the maker of the Real 
tube pedal.

Address:8201 E PACIFIC PLACE    DENVER CO  80231  ph 800-326-0268
fax- 303-750-2162  

When you talk to them, tell them Harmonica John sends his regards. I see 
these guys at NAMM every year. Talk to Tom Wright, Brad Lillard, Skip Vance.

I know you will like this pedal with harp. 


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