Was: More on mics (EFFECTS ON NET)

>I hate asking for something before trying to find it for myself but haven't
>had any luck this time.  I've looked through all my old Keyboard and
>Electronic Musician magazines and checked out most of the local music stores.
> Anyone have the address or phone number of 'Realtube?'  I would be way
>psyched for help on this one.
>Rich Brown Gravy

Here is a couple of net sources for effects info.  I'm not sure if what you
are looking for is there, but there is some good info to be had in these



Looked for an ad in Vintage Guitar and didn't see one there either, though
I'm certain that someone who advertises in VG has this effect available.
I'll look further for you if you don't have any luck. 

Happy hunting!!

Gary "Indiana" Warren

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