Re: More on mics

>Tim Moody said the old timers call crystal mics " carbon mics" There is 
>such a thing as a carbon mic, and I don't think it is crystal. I 
>understand you have to apply an electric charge to a carbon mic to make 
>it work. They here used on old telephone handsets. This is my 
>understanding and not to be confused with absolute truth. ;^)
>HARMONICA JOHN	San Diego  PO Box 740613 SD CA 92174 

Yes that is correct and the name stuck. A lot of old mics were called 
carbon mics even without a carbon element. My post was to show
some history but I was too vague. I only meant to show that the
term "carbon mic" was popular at one time(even if it wasn't a real
carbon based element in the mic).

Tim Moody

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