Re: What is the best Harp?


>I know there is no right answer

There may be a righter answer (one which I don't entirely 
agree with).

90% of the big name blues harp players use Marine Bands.
The rest use Lee Oskar or Special 20's or Golden Melodies.

The use of Marine Bands may be because this is the harp that
they learned on when plastic harps were of lower quality or
not available.

Marine Bands do have a different sound. After the posts on
Just and Equal temperment, I went out and bought 3. They 
sound very very nice. They are hard to bend compared to the
Lee Oskars (which I think are sloppy that way - too easy to
bend). They leak air and on blow notes they make alot of air
noise. They are rough to the mouth after an Ultimo, but there
is never any doubt where the hole is. You can feel the comb
very well with both your tongue and lips. The galvonic taste of
nickel plate against brass is a little odd. I am getting used to them.
Of course, you can't throw them in the dish washer, the
wood will swell and crack.

Remember, Little Walter used a Marine Band. I don't know
if he would have tried a Lee Oskar.


I've got to get a life. I'm posting entirely too much!

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