Re: More on mics

>Can you put a ceramic element into a mic that originally had a crystal
>one?  For that matter, how does one go about replacing the lements.  My
>mic is pretty new (and my only one), but I think it was a mistake not to
>get the ceramic element and want to know if I can replace my crystal with
>ceramic for 30$ or whatever the cost of the element is.
>		-Tom-
>On Wed, 5 Jul 1995, Mike Curtis wrote:

Don't listen to the man behind the curtain. Yes, Mike is a very knowledgable
person but his opinion is just that, an opinion. My opinion is that yes,
a xtal element will absorb moisture and the xtals will adhere to one another
but the thing that wasn't mentioned is that this is what makes a mic
sound snotty in the first place. A good xtal element is worth it's weight in 
If yours is still working and you really want to replace it, let me know 
I'll buy
your old one. A ceramic or magnetic controlled(ceramic) will outlast an old 
crystal mic by about ten to one, but you'll never get the same sound as a 
crystal. Just a little note, the old timers called 'em carbon mics because 
of the
carbon crystals.

Tim Moody

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