Re: What is the best Harp?

Your question is kind of like asking a wineseller what his best wine is.  
You need to provide more information to get an answer that will be useful 
for you. What kind of music do you play?  What kind of sound are you 
looking for in the harmonica, reedy, thin, brassy, wheezy, smooth, the 
list goes on.  Is durability a factor? if so how much of one?  Chromatic 
or diatonic?  I'm assuming diatonic.  Do you play more chords than single 
notes or vice versa?  Is cost very important to you.  Do you want minors 
to be readily available?   Are you wanting to overblow if so eliminate 
both Suzukis and Lee Oskars.  Is size of the harmonica important?  Some 
are bigger some are smaller.  Do you tougne block or pucker or both?  If 
you block would protruding plates cut your lips?  Eliminate Hohner MS 
series harps if this is true.  Wood plastic or metal bodies?  Some people 
hate wood because they're wet tougne blockers and the combs swell. Does 
the idea of replaceable and easily removeable reed plates entice you?  If 
so Lee Oskars and Hohner MS are good choices.  The list of questions 
cpould go on for another page but you get the idea.  fjm  

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